Varg, born out of longing for the authentic Scandinavian emotion. Yearning for functional clothes for the adventures of life. Careful and respectful of our environment. The mix between the rugged sporty and clearly Scandinavian design makes Varg unique.


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Spring Drop No. 2

Outdoor tights, shorts and wool classics.

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Here at Varg, our Nordic roots run deep, shaped by experiences of elite sailors and mountaineers who have challenged the forces of nature. Our commitment is to unite sustainability with thoughtful design, tailored to meet the demands of the challenging Scandinavian weather. Inspired by the original craftsmanship tradition, our products seamlessly blend functionality, comfort, and style.

With a robust yet distinctly Nordic touch, Varg represents more than just clothing; it is an authentic companion for your everyday life and wild adventures.

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Introducing Varg Re.Wear: Our Recycling Program

We are happy to announce our exciting collaboration with Ninyes, a leading platform for second-hand products. This partnership marks an important step towards a more circular and sustainable future. With VARG Re.Wear, you can now easily convert your less-used clothes into gift cards and at the same time contribute to reducing waste and promoting more sustainable consumption.


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For Sara to achieve optimal results, the right equipment is essential, especially during training and in everyday life. The clothing needs to be both functional and comfortable, providing protection against various weather conditions – from lightweight and ventilating for warm days to warming and windproof for cold and windy days.

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Wool Care Guide

Discover the key to keeping your wool garments at their best! Explore our Wool Care Guide and unlock the secrets of wool care: why it matters.

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